Meet Jeff

Jeff Varnerin

Jeff Varnerin has been a public servant for most of his life. Growing up in nearby Watchung, he was raised to be humble and to always give back to his community. As the youngest child in a large family, Jeff was taught that “volunteers make a town a home”. He and his wife Debbie have lived in this spirit as Berkeley Heights residents of more than 14 years.

As a child Jeff volunteered as an altar boy at St. Mary’s Stony Hill church. In high school, he became a volunteer cadet for the Watchung Rescue Squad and served in many leadership roles. He continues to serve as a Life Member there. Jeff was also a volunteer member of the Mt. Bethel Fire Department in Warren NJ and a founding member of the Watchung Rescue Squad’s Extrication team which provided highly skilled emergency technical rescue services across NJ. While an undergraduate at Lehigh University, Jeff volunteered there at the Bethlehem Township Volunteer Fire Department and was an active member of the paramedic corp. Jeff is not a stranger to public office having served on Watchung’s Board of Health for many years.

Jeff is a highly distinguished scientist and project manager working at one of the largest healthcare companies in the world. Jeff and his team were directly responsible for turning around its’ pharmaceutical division. You can read about their success in Fortune Magazine – 7/22/2016 “Can Big Still Be Beautiful” by Erika Fry. Jeff is solutions focused and has a keen eye for details. He routinely manages multi-billion-dollar projects that leverage thousands of resources. Jeff is referred to as the “fix it guy” who can find solutions to problems regardless of the situation. Whether scientific, medical, financial, people, resources, or infrastructure, Jeff constantly leverages diversity of perspective by bringing the greatest minds together to develop solutions. Jeff strongly believes that when you harness people’s passion, you come out on the other side with innovation and success. Jeff and his team are currently working on a variety of solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an involved father and sports fan, you may also know him as “Coach Jeff”. Jeff has been a head coach of his son Ryan’s (11) soccer team for many years and may also have coached your child in lacrosse or a PAL basketball or baseball team.

As a longtime registered Republican and a member of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Jeff believes in conservative values, small government and fiscal responsibility. He believes National politics does not have a place locally and has worked on numerous local campaigns over the past 30 years in Union, Somerset and Monmouth counties.

Jeff’s approach is “we must focus on simple, fit for purpose solutions that make sense to help make our limited tax dollars go a long way. This is why my father said to me that volunteers make a town a home. It takes volunteers who will treat the town like their own property and invest the same effort and insist on the same pride to ensure things are done right. I want only the best Berkeley Heights and to ensure that we make it a place that everyone can call home for generations to come. We can achieve this by being open to diverse perspectives and common-sense solutions which emerge from simple dialogue.”Powered by BHStrong